About us

Wild Land is a family run business, founded on the 5th of January, 2015, in Novi Sad.
The foundations of our private firm date back to the first shop our family established back in 1988.
We deal in the import of accessory LED lamps for industrial machines, off road vehicles, motorcycles and special vehicles for the police, army and firefighters.
Apart from the led lamps, we also have Power Bank chargers in our offer.

Cree led bar lamps

Our offer of Cree LED lamps encompasses lamps for industrial and agricultural machines, off road vehicles, motorcycles, special vehicles for the police, army, firefighters and electric power industry, manufactured by the well established American company that patented the Cree led technology. All of the LED diodes are exclusively manufactured in America and assembled in China.

The lamps can be applied even in the low voltage environments, like, for example, service shafts or the lighting of production facilities and factory grounds. The working voltage is 9-32 V DC. The second generation Cree LED diodes are built into the lamps. The cases are aluminum, with robust cooling systems, which is the necessary requirement for a long product life cycle. The LED bars have a Kevlar valve on each casing, in order to prevent the dew and humidity affecting the lamp.

Cree LED lamps give off a crystal white light, with a very low energy consumption, and a long product life cycle. There is a one year warranty on all of our offered products (exempting the malfunctions caused by violence). We also provide appropriate carriers for our products.

Power Banks, external mobile chargers for telephones and tablet devices

The Power Banks are of exceptional quality, resistant to falling, humidity and dust, and containing a lithium battery. They are extremely useful in situations when there is no other power source available for charging your phone or tablet device. Their widest application is found with mountain climbers, hunters and people who use their mobile phones with an extremely high frequency. And in the case of a power outage, they become unexpendable.

We have on our offer 10400 mAh Power Banks which can charge any phone minimally four times and a tablet device once, and 5200 mAh Power Banks which can charge the phone two times and a tablet device to half its battery power.

The Power Banks are GUARANTEED to be of declared capacity. They come with a six month warranty.

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